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Interactive Culture

Digital interactive applications presented in the table below have been developed by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) in collaboration with cultural and memory institutions to provide a virtual experience of significant cultural and historical monuments and sites. Digital applications are addressed not only to scientists and experts, but also to the wider public and children. NISRT’s visitors can play educational games, take virtual tours and discover aspects of Greek cultural heritage.

Athena, Goddess of the Acropolis Athena, Goddess of the Acropolis

In search of Athena’s statues, visitors of this interactive application can take a virtual tour of the museum of the Acropolis and discover exhibits that depict the goddess Athena (such as dedications, offerings from devotees to the goddess: statues, relief, pottery etc). The interactive application was developed by the Acropolis Museum in collaboration with the National Documentation center (EKT) and was founded by Bodossaki Foundation. 

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The Parthenon Frieze The Parthenon Frieze

The virtual version of the Parthenon frieze, a monument of great cultural significance, was developed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Acropolis Restoration Service) and the National Documentation Centre (EKT). The application collects and tags all photos and visuals of the preserved marble slabs of the Parthenon frieze –now exhibited in the Acropolis Museum, the Loubre and in the British Museum- part of which have been completed with J. Carrey’s (1674) and J. Stuart’s (1751) drawings.