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16/02/2012 Greek Research: Indicators and Achievements (In Greek)
Dr.Sachini, E. Lectures 'Greek Research System: Creating Knowledge and Motivating Progress, EKT, Athens
03/10/2011 National Information System of Research and Technology (NISRT): Social Networks and User Generated Content (In Greek)
National Documentation Center, Presentation on NISRT and its current developmental phase
30/09/2011 E-journal and Open Access Journal Publishing in the Humanities: Preliminary Results from a Survey among Byzantine Studies Scholars
Dr.Tsoukala V. & Dr.Sachini E., International Conference on Integrated Information, Kos island, Greece
09/07/2011 NISRT and Open Content: Research, Education, Public Administration (In Greek)
Dr.Sachini E., "Seminars in Ermoupolis", Ermoupolis, Siros, Greece
24/05/2011 Α Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Scientific Publications 1993-2008
Dr.Malliou N.,Dr.Houssos N., Dr.Sachini E., 3rd International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, Athens, Greece
17/12/2010 National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT): Developing Open Access Infrastructures. Activities and Challenges (In Greek)
Dr. Stathopoulos P. & Dr.N. Houssos, International Conference for Open Access: Research, Education and Public Data, December 2010, EKT, Athens
16/12/2010 The Emerging Paradigm of Open Access to Knowledge (In Greek)
Dr.Sachini E., International Conference "Open Access: Research, Education, Public Data". December 2010, EKT, Athens