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Greek Scientific Publications 1993-2008: A bibliometric analysis of Greek publications in international scientific journals

Dr Sachini E., Dr.Malliou N., Dr. Houssos N., Proedrou M., Karagianni P., Athens 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Greek Scientific Publications 1993 – 2008: A bibliometric analysis of Greek publications in international scientific journals" is a study carried out by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) with an aim to identify the basic characteristics of Greek scientific output between 1993-2008 and provide information about Greece’s position in the international scientific landscape. The study is the first of a series of studies carried out by EKT in the frame of the organization's activities for recording and analyzing the country's scientific activity. 

The study applied a bibliometric analysis of Greek scientific publications which appeared in international journals between 1993-2008. Data for Greek scientific publications in international journals was analyzed systematically for bibliometric indicators such as the number and (%) share of publications, the percent of cited papers, the number and (%) share of citations, the relative citation impact, the field normalised citation score (citation score) and the number and pencentile breakdown of top publications belonging to the most cited publications in the world (1%, 5%, 10%, 25% and 50%). The indicators were calculated at many levels (e.g at the level of istitutions, authors, etc).Changes over time, the characteristics of the distribution of publications by field of science along with the degree of collaboration developed nationally and internationally were also identified and measured.

Data was drawn from the National Science Indicators [NSI] and the National Citation Report Greece [NCR-Greece] databases of Thomson Reuters for the period between 1993-2008. Software developed by the National Documentation Center assisted the statistical procession of data.