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National Informational System of Research and Technology:Social Networks and User Generated Content- Contexts, Objectives and Services (In Greek)

Dr.Sachini E., Dr. Malliou N., Dr. Houssos N., Dr.Stathopoulos P., Athens, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The National Information Research System for Research and Technology (NIRST) is the national research e infrastructure for the organization and distribution of digital content and information in science, culture and technology. It has been developed since 1996 and is funded by the Operational Programmes "Information Society" and "Digital Convergence".

The National Centre for Documentation (EKT), an organization with  technical knowledge and experience, ensures that  NISRT complies with existing and emerging international stadarts and constantly embraces new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). This presentation describes briefly the core actions for strategic and business planning undertaken in NISRT's current phase of development (Social Networks and User Generated Content), its objectives, services and user groups who will benefit from its implementation.