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Repository Services

What is the Repository Service?

Using the SaaS Repository Service, organisations and institutions can create their own digital repository for the storage, management and online dissemination of their digital content. All procedures and technical specifications follow international standards, to ensure interoperability with international infrastructures. During this process, EKT co-operates with institutions and organisations and offers a wide range of supplementary services (such as technical support) for the deposit, management and delivery of quality digital content.

Data and content are safely stored at the Cloud infrastructure provided by the National Documentation Center. Users have remote access to the repository via a user-friendly interface, designed to meet their needs.

The Repository may contain any type of content, such as image, text, video, sound, multimedia and 3D representations as well as metadata.It is used for performing a number of activities related to content management such as mapping metadata according to international standards, applying persistent identifiers, and exporting of the data to selected digital platforms, search engines and aggregator services. The repository includes advanced functionalities for searching and browsing.

Enhanced data protection against physical disasters and technical failures, and long-term preservation and access to the digital content, are some of the benefits from storing institutional data in a Cloud-based infrastructure.

End-users gain access to the repository both via the institution’s website or, directly, from the repository via a configurable interface.

Benefits for institutions:

  • safe long-term storage of the digital content and data
  • risk-proofing against physical and technical disasters
  • remote access and full control over the institution’s own user-friendly and easy-to-configure administrator environment
  • no need for software installation, upgrades and specialised technical knowledge
  • enhanced online visibility for the institution and its contents
  • mapping functionality for export of data according to international standards
  • access to e-learning services
  • remote technical support
  • no extra cost involved for Greek cultural and scientific institutions
  • advanced search, browsing and downloading functionalities for end-users