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The National Documentation Centre will also establish a single point for searching and retrieving reliable digital cultural content.  The service will initially be provided to institutions (and their digital content) being among the Beneficiaries of the 31 and 31.2 Calls of the Operational Programme “Digital Convergence”. It aims at enhancing findability and re-usability of their digitised content.  

The service will allow harvesting of the institutions’ metadata and will provide direct access to digitised material. Based on metadata standards and harvesting protocols which are widely used, the service establishes interoperability with major 3rd party search engines like Europeana. End-users will have direct access to the collected quality content through a single interface. The service will:

  • Enable findability of items/records that are not easy to locate, ie via search engines
  • Enhance the institutions’ visibility
  • Allow for processing and enrichment of aggregated metadata with controlled vocabularies, ontologies, multilingual thesauri and other authoritative information
  • Enable content re-use in 3rd party applications and services for the citizens
  • Special attention will be paid to the process of selecting the appropriate licenses for the aggregated digital contents Also, part of the aggregated metadata will be made available to Europeana, the European Digital Library, so that it enhances the presence of Greek cultural content on this popular search engine.