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Digital Convergence


The aim of the Operational Programme ‘Digital Convergence’ for Greece –during the programming period 2007- 2011– is to emphasize the developmental directions, to particularize the strategies, the means and the interventions towards an effective and sustainable use and growth of ICTs. According to the National Strategic Reference Framework for the period 2007-13, the overarching goal of the Operational Programme is to contribute to the digital convergence of Greece with the rest of the EU through the use of ICT. The programme will focus on implementing a customised developmental strategy with specific emphasis on competitive Greek sectors such as tourism, shipping, culture and sports. Improved productivity through the use of ICT, improvement of citizens’ daily life and technical assistance for ICTs are some of the programme’s priorities. NISRT’s current phase is being funded by the operational programme ‘Digital Convergence’. Some of the horizontal and technical interventions carried out in this frame are related with open public data, transparency; value added services, interoperability, multichannel distribution, exploitation of data etc.