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NISRT Phases

As a result of a longstanding and dynamic process, NIRST was developed in three successive phases. The project started in 1996. During its first phase (1996-2000, B KΠΣ), EPSET began its long cooperation with the country’s scientific and academic community as well as with international actors in science and research. The project’s phase focuses on the collection and organization of digital content. EKT seals strategic partnerships with content providers and relies on the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to collect digital content and digitize numerous national archives. EKT’s Digital Library was also extended. During this phase, EKT designs the Information system for the exploitation of research results as well as the Greek portal of CORDIS. Research infrastructures were developed during the project’s second phase (2001-2009 ΓΚΠΣ). During these years, Helios repository, Pandektis repository, the National Archive of PhD thesis have been lunched and 5 e-journals were published. Today, actions programmed for the project’s third phase (2010- 2014 ΕΣΠΑ), set as priority the production and distribution of user generated content using web 2.0 software and social networking services.