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Parthenon Freeze

The virtual version of Parthenon frieze is now available through a digital application found in The application developed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Acropolis Restoration Service) and the National Documentation Centre (EKT) offers a virtual tour to the Parthenon’s Frieze, a monument of great cultural significance. The website collects and tags all photos and visuals of the preserved marble slabs of the Parthenon frieze –now exhibited in Acropolis Museum, the Loubre and in British Museum- part of which have been completed with J. Carrey’s (1674) and J. Stuart’s (1751) drawings. The application’s digital content has been organized into three sections: The Parthenon – Meet the Frieze- Play with the Frieze. Along with the virtual application, the National Documentation Center has developed the ‘Parthenon Frieze’ repository (, an indispensable tool for the archaeologist, the scholar, the teacher, the researcher, the student. Parthenon Freeze Repository has been integrated into ‘Europeana’, the European digital library.