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Privacy Policy

1. The National Documentation Centre/National Hellenic Research Foundation (henceforth EKT/NHRF) recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected from users in the operation of this Website, and takes steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information in accordance with this privacy policy. By submitting your information to (henceforth ‘the Website’) you consent to the practices described below.

2. Registration with the Website is optional and voluntary. Personally-identifiable information about individuals (hereinafter, Personal Data) may include name, title, company, address, phone number, email address, and other relevant data. Questions or comments submitted by visitors may also include Personal Data. Browsing, viewing and downloading articles or content contained in this Website do not require any Personal Data to be submitted by users. The aforementioned functions do not require the user’s browser to be set to accept cookies.

3. The Personal Data entered in this Website will be used exclusively for the promotion, support and implementation of the purposes of this Website. Whenever EKT/NHRF collects and use Personal Data, it does so for business purposes, i.e.: a. to seek your feedback or to contact you in relation to content of this Website; b. to improve EKT/NHRF operations, and anticipate and resolve problems with the Website; c. to develop EKT/NHRF services to meet your needs; d. to process and respond to requests from you; e. to communicate with you about our services and businesses; and f. for other purposes related to the EKT/NHRF activities.

4. Registering with the Website or ot it’s applications as a user in order to submit content for publication to the Website and/or it’s applications, or in order to receive email alerts regarding the content of the Website requires the supply of information or/and Personal Data such as your name and email, and the use of cookies.

5. Unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise, EKT/NHRF will not use or share your Personal Data with any third party, provided that: a. EKT/NHRF may share your Personal Data with its agents, affiliates or contractors for processing in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This may mean transmitting the information to another country, but not including countries outside the European Economic Area, where EKT/NHRF agent, affiliate or contractor is located. EKT/NHRF will ensure that its agents, affiliates and contractors protect your Personal Data consistent with this Privacy Policy. b. If EKT/NHRF transferred in part or in whole its business to another entity, EKT/NHRF may transfer your Personal Data to that entity, subject to commitments that the Personal Data will be protected consistent with this Privacy Policy.

6. EKT/NHRF tracks the patterns of usage of the pages on this Website. EKT/NHRF may disclose to carefully chosen third parties navigational and transactional information in the form of anonymous, aggregate usage statistics and demographics without revealing any user’s identity or confidential information, except as required by law, as needed in connection with any legal proceedings, or unless EKT/NHRF has received your consent.

7. EKT/NHRF does not collect knowingly personal data of people less than 18 years of age.

8. You have a right to know about the Personal Data EKT/NHRF holds about you. You also have a right to have your Personal Data corrected or deleted. If you have questions about any of your Personal Data that EKT/NHRF may hold, you can contact EKT/NHRF at the following email or postal address: In case you wished to change or delete your Personal Data from EKT/NHRF’s records, you should notify EKT/NHRF in writing, stating expressly the desired change or deletion. It is likely then that EKT/NHRF may communicate with you in order to confirm your request for change or deletion of your data. In any case it is likely that a record of your Personal Data remains on EKT/NHRF’s files, not to be used for commercial purposes, whereas EKT/NHRF reserves the right to occasionally communicate with the Personal Data subject depending on EKT/NHRF’s needs from time-to-time.

9. The names and email addresses of all users of the Website will be available to other users of the Website. These details are made available to facilitate communication. You should be aware that this information may be collected and disclosed by others. EKT/NHRF cannot take any responsibility for such collection and disclosure. 10. EKT/NHRF may collect and process information regarding your use of the Website. This may includes your domain name (the text after the @ in your email address) and the associated IP address, and could also include your user name (the text before the @ in your email address). The amount of information sent depends on the settings you have on your web-browser; please check your browser if you want to learn what information it sends.

11. EKT/NHRF may store some information such as “cookies” on your computer when you view the Website. A cookie is a small file that a Website transfers to a visitor’s computer for record-keeping purposes. This information facilitates your use of the Website, reduces the need to re-enter information every time you visit the Website, and allows EKT/NHRF to provide a personalised experience on the Website. You can erase or choose to block cookies from your computer if you want to; please refer to your web-browser settings to do so. Erasing or blocking cookies may limit the range of features of the Website that are available to you. The Website uses cookies in two ways: first, temporary, Session Control cookies are sent from EKT/NHRF’s server to your computer and are used to validate access privileges. These cookies do not remain on your hard drive upon completion of your session. Second, at your choice a cookie is sent from EKT/NHRF’s server and is stored on your computer’s hard drive for automatic login. Cookies are used to enable EKT/NHRF to identify you without having to ask for your username and password, and to measure usage. If you do not wish to accept any of these cookies or wish to be notified when a cookie is sent you can modify your browser preferences.

12. EKT/NHRF reserves the right to change this privacy policy without notice. Any changes to this Policy will be posted on this page. Your continued use of this Website will be deemed conclusive acceptance of such modification. Comments or questions concerning this policy should be addressed to .

13. EKT/NHRF has implemented technology and policies intended to protect your Personal Data from unauthorised access and improper use. EKT/NHRF periodically reviews such technology and policies.