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Digital Content


In NISRT's Digital repositories, visitors have free access to valuable archives of research data and metadata, e-theses, e-books, studies and scientific publications, educational material and open software. The repositories' 3.200.000 web pages are constantly renewed and systematically updated with new publications, multimedia applications and digital material emerging from a wide range of scientific fields.

In NISRT's ePublications, users can search and read online papers and studies published in Greek scientific journals. A list of ePublications is the result of the National Documentation Center (EKT)' s collaboration with research bodies and cultural institutions. NISRT is currently in the proceess of enhancing the list of ePublications with e-books, conference proceedings and numerous new e-journals. EKT's ePublishing environment is based on open source software, intergrates emerging technologies and applies international stadarts of interoperability at all levels.

In NISRT's Digital Libraries, users may navigate through digitized material of cultural and educational value. The National Documentation Center has digitized and organized selected Greek Libraries' rich archives in a a user-friendly digital environment with advanced navigating functions.

In NISRT's Research Indicators, get to know the Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) developed by the National Documentation Center. Users can find advice and valuable information on Greek scientific publications, bibliometric indicators, studies and reports which analyze research activity in Greece at many levels.




In NISRT’s webpages discover rich and reliable digital content from a range of scientific disciplines. The National Documentation Center (EKT) in cooperation with strategic partners and content providers has collected, digitized and organized millions of webpages in education, culture and science. With an aim to ensure that the content is openly available and effectively preserved, EKT develops digital repositories, e- journals, digital libraries and undertakes a number of activities for publishing and sharing data related to current research activity