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National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT)

The National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT) offers an integrated digital environment which provides access to rich databases of scientific content and a range of services to the country’s scientific, educational and business community.  

National • NISRT is a project elaborated within the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework for upgrading national research e-infrastructures) and the European Operational Program "Digital Convergence". It is also the core developmental action undertaken by the National Documentation Centre (EKT).

Information System · At the heart of NISRT’s evolution lies the realization that open access to digital information is vital for modern societies, a source of inspiration and creativity and a building block for societal and economic development. In NISRT (, advanced information systems and tools serve a main task: to aggregate, store, document and manage digital content and distribute it openly to the public in a way that promotes research and innovation.

Research and Technology: Today, free access to reliable, certified digital content has become an increasingly necessary condition for collective progress. NISRT addresses critical aspects related to digital content, its long term preservation through sophisticated information systems, its distribution as a public good and its exploitation for the benefit of the research world. Recently, attention has been focused on issues related to the exploitation of research results, the production of user generated content and the promotion of scientific networking.  With the aim of developing and expanding digital content available to Greek citizens, NISRT empowers users to create and add digital content themselves, use it and reuse it for the benefit of research and education.

Following international trends and adhering to the values that support open access to knowledge, infrastructures and information systems in NISRT, are continuously evolving in terms of content, operationability and technological affordances. As a result, NISRT ( aims to become a portal (e-Infrastructure) of national scale which grants access to valuable digital content for the benefit of education, research, and culture. 


EKT and Green IT

• 7 virtual servers running
• By 1,27 KW lower power consumption
• Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE): 2,11
Estimated since 2008:
• 1.247,51 fewer tones of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere
• By 1.247.511,14 KWh lower energy consumption