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Project Team

The Project's Administration & Monitoring team is responsible for the project's successful completion, fine accomplishment of its objectives, efficient implementation and management of financial and human resources. NISRT’s Administration and Monitoring Structure is led by the Project Manager, supported by the Project team and the Scientific Committee.

The Project Manager

Dr. Evi Sachini, Head of EKT's Department for Strategic Planning and Development, is responsible for planning, co ordinating and monitoring the project's overall implementation and financial planning so that the project's activities are constanlty keeps apace with EKT's strategic priorities and with international developments. The Project manager leads the Project Team. A legal advisor, a set of experts and external partners support the Project manager by offering advice and recomendations when needed.

The Project Team: Members, Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the Project Team work together to plan, support, coordinate and monitor the projects’ activities and proceedings. The team comprises 8 members, EKT's officers and staff with valuable experience and technical expertise. Their roles and responsibilities in detail:

  • Overall Co-ordination of the Workpackages' Activities and Targets: Dr. Nena Malliou 

Dr Nena Malliou is responsible for: Monitoring NISRT's workpackages, coordinating activities for their implementation, editing and updating the overall plan towards the project's targets, analyzing results, shaping exemplary actions which establish the project in the international research environment and ensure its sustainability.

  • Administration & Proceedings: Maro Adroutsopoulou

Maro Adroutsopoulou is responsible for: ensuring that all procedures comply with EKT's approved Management System (e.g. contracts, procedures for intra communication, official communication with Committees and the Managing Authority of OP "Digital Convergence"), preparing progress reports for the project's physical and financial scope, managing the project's files, monitoring indicators of achievement, developing proposals for necessary corrective actions etc.

  • Financial Administration: Spiridoula Nanou

Spiridoula Nanou is responsible for: coordination and monitoring of the activities for the project's financial management, implementation of all financial transactions, logistics management, editing and delivery of monthly reports for the project's budget and expenses.

  • Software Development: Dr. Nikos Housos

Dr. Niκos Ηousos is responsible for: Software architecture design of the information system providing and supporting NISRT services. Planning, coordination and monitoring of the development of software applications and tools. Technical specifications of application development services that will be procured within the framework of NISRT.

  • IT System’s infrastructure and Network Development: Dr. Panagiotis Stathopoulos

Dr. Panagiotis Stathopoulos is responsible for: IT Systems, Network and Datacenter infrastructure design and architecture in order to accommodate the delivery of the NISRT services. Coordination of the NISRT network operations center team, development of the NISRT virtualized scale out IT systems infrastructure, development and setup of advanced infrastructure monitoring tools and the Datacenter reliability and Green IT enhancements.

  • e Publishing Services: Dr. Victoria Tsoukala

Dr. Victoria Tsoukala is responsible for: coordinating actions and services for electronic publishing (scientific journals, ebooks, conference proceedings etc), ensuring sustainability of publishing initiatives, resources and procedures, editing manuals for partnerships and collaborations with scientific editors, ensuring that publishing actions follow the principles of open access in science.

  • Digital Library Services: Ioanna Sarantopoulou

Ioanna Sarantopoulou is responsible for: identifying functional requirements for the optimization of user based services in digital libraries, programming, coordinating and monitoring pilot actions for new services integrated in EKT's digital library.

  • Publicity and Communication Policy: Margaritis Proedrou

Margarititis Proedrou is responsible for: programming, coordinating and monitoring the project's promotional activities and publicity, leading EKT's communication policy, ensuring compliance with publicity procedures for ESPA 2007-2013, editing and publishing activities related with NISRT's electronic edition, organizing events for the project's publicity.

  • Administration: Despina Triantafillidou

Despina Trantafillidou is responsible for supporting the project's administrative procedures (protocol, communication, files etc).

The Scientific Committee

The project's Scientific Committee assures that  NISRT’s actions are in line with EKT's strategic priorities, needs and benefits of the stakeholders. At a second level, it aims to effectively integrate the project into the wider legal environment and developments which affect the project's functionality and implementation. The Scientific Committee comprises distinguished scientists and academic experts and members of EKT's scientific Committee (ESEKT), which is responsible for EKT's strategic planning and developmental policy.