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Digital Repositories

NISRT Digital repositories offer free access to a rich database of research data and metadata, the national archive of PhD theses, e- books, studies, scientific publications, educational material, open software etc. Visitors can navigate through millions of web pages which are continuously enriched with new scientific data and audiovisual applications and cover a broad range of scientific fields.

National Archive of PhD Theses

The National Archive of PhD Theses provides access to the PhD theses from all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Greece as well as PhD theses awarded to Greek scholars by foreign HEIs certified by the Hellenic NARIC (Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π.).The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is the organization responsible, by law, for the collection, development and maintenance of the National Archive of PhD Theses. Today, it contains more than 28.000 PhD Theses, available to the end-users for searching or browsing.


Helios Helios Repository

The repository offers free and unrestricted access to scientific and research material from the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Navigate through international publications, training material, sound and image files, research daτa, conference proceedings, books, training material, sound and image files which are available in a fully organized environment, compatible with international standards.


Pandektis Pandektis

Pandektis,  a Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture includes major digital collections of Greek history and civilization. The collections have been produced by the Institute of Neohellenic Research, the Institute of Byzantine Research and the Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity. The National Documentation centre (ΕΚΤ) was responsible for the digitization and electronic publication of this collection.

Acropolis Educational Resources Repository

The Acropolis Educational Resources Repository includes educational resources produced by the Information and Education Department of the Acropolis Restoration Service.Teachers, students and families can search the repository and enrich their teaching with valuable material related to the Archaeological Site and the Acropolis Museum.


Parthenon Frieze (Repository)

The Parthenon repository exploits ICT technologies and presents a unique monument of Greek culture. The repository –a project carried out by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) and the Acropolis Restoration Service of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism (YSMA) – presents a digital version of the Parthenon's Frieze and serves as a valuable database for scholars, researchers and the educational community.

FOSS Repository

The FOSS repository includes content produced by the Greek Free/ Open Source Software Society (its members, communities and developers) as a result of activities related to Free Software, Open Hardware and Open Content. It provides open access to rich content such as reports, presentations, digital collections, conference proceedings, studies, videos and photos. The repository’s organized digital environment also offers advanced navigation and search functions. Registered users can submit their work online and contribute to the repository.

Ergani Repository

The Ergani repository showcases documented archival material that illustrates 200 years of local history, culture and entrepreneurialism in northeastern Aegean. 
You can research political developments, follow the pioneers of olive oil production and read personal letters and diaries reflecting omit on daily life of the middle class on the island of Lesvos during the 19th and 20th centuries.