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Four more e-Journals from the National Documentation Center now Online

Τέσσερα Ηλεκτρονικά Περιοδικά

The National Documentation Center (EKT) is pleased to announce the online edition of four  e-journals as a result of  its e Publishing activities. "Deltion", "The Gleaner", "Mnimon" and "Makedonika" are peer reviewed scientific journals with  a long  history  in the Greek scientific realm and significant international impact. With their decision to publish part of their valuable scientific material online, they enrich digital content available in Greek language in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

The current research environment is being decisively shaped by developments in scholarly communication, new processes and practices  in academic editing and distribution of research results. The National Documentation Center (EKT) participates actively  to shape academic activity and scholarly communication in Greece by developing e infrastructures and providing publishing services which promote the online distribution of digital content and its preservation while enhancing open access in scientific production.

The National Documentation Center (EKT) has extended its wide network of collaborations with academic editors, scholarly and cultural bodies to include collaborations with the editorial bodies of four new journals of high status. In this framework, EKT has worked together with the Christian Archaeological Society (ChAE), the Greek Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (OMED), the Society for the Study of Modern Hellenism and  the Society for Macedonian Studies edits to create the online editions of Deltion, The Gleaner, Mnimon and Makedonika respectively.

As a result of EKT's strategic partnership with the above publishing bodies, internet users worlwide can now access more than 1000 articles produced by  Greek and foreign authors. EKT has digitized hundrends of volumes extracted from the journals' rich archives and distributes this digital content  through efficient e Infrastuctures.

Not only EKT has provided electronic infrastructures, interoperable with worlwide indexing services but also provided high quality of consultation services for upgrading and stadartization of publishing procedures (e.g publishing guidelines, reviews, copyright administration etc) which ensure that high quality international stadarts and procedures were followed.

EKT's list of e Publications is now accessible through NISRT's webpage ( where users have access to the full text of more than 1.7000 Greek papers indexed in major indexing services such as the Directory of Open Access Journals,  ISI,  Scopus and Google Scholar.

The journals'  electronic editions were completed within the project "National Information System for Research & Technology/Social Networks-User Generated Content" (Project ID 296115). The project is implemented by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) within the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence" (NSFR), which is co-funded by Greece and the European Union-European Regional Development Fund.


Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society ( The Christian Archaeological Society (ChAE) was founded in 1884 and is one of the oldest scientific associations in Greece. Deltion is the only periodical devoted exclusively to issues of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art, published in Greece. Its first print edition dates back to 1892. The journal's online edition  facilitates open access to 27 recent volumes, a sum of 784 articles. Several more volumes are currently digitized and will be online by the end of July.

The Gleaner ( The Greek Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (OMED) publishes The Gleaner since 1963. The Gleaner mainly publishes articles written by members of OMED, but also welcomes original contributions by other scholars on the subject of the Neohellenic Enlightenment, and more generally on the history of culture and ideas in the 18th century South-East Europe. Four volumes and a sum of 93 articles are now open to read in the journals' website.

Mnimon ( The Society for the Study of Modern Hellenism publishes the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Mninon” since 1971. The online edition of the journal is now available and visitors can browse through the last four volumes, a collection of 64 articles and book reviews focused on Neohellenic history and engaging with broader methodological and theoretical issues in the science of History. The journal is on the process of digitizing its older archives which soon will be available online.

Makedonika ( The peer-reviewed academic journal “Makedonika” has been edited by the Society for Macedonian Studies since 1940. It focuses on  the collection, recording, categorization, preservation and publication of all kind of material (antiquities, language data, archives, folk culture) related to Makedonia. Since today, the journal -edited annually- has published 39 volumes. The latest four volumes with 75 articles are now available online following open access principles. The remaining volumes will also be available online soon.