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Mediterranean Marine Science: a new journal online at EKT ePublishing


The National Documentation Centre (EKT) announces the new electronic edition of Mediterranean Marine Science, being the result of a fruitful co-operation between HCMR (Hellenic Center for Marine Research) and EKT. The journal's first 14 volumes and more than 250 articles are now openly available online at

The journal Mediterranean Marine Science is published semi-annually by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) since 2000. The journal welcomes original research articles, short communications, New Mediterranean Biodiversity records, extended reviews, comments, and Theme sections in all fields of Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Conservation, Limnology, Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Mediterranean area and the adjacent regions. All content is peer reviewed.  The journal is abstracted and indexed in WoS (Web of Science, ISI Thomson), SCOPUS and in Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstract (ASFA). The content of MMS is indexed by Elsevier. The Mediterranean Marine Science Journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public contributes to global knowledge exchange.

The journal's electronic edition is published in collaboration with the National Documentation Centre and it is based on an open source system which enables the online management of publishing procedures (Open Journal Systems). The National Documentation Centre ( is a national infrastructure in the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Since 1980, it actively engages in the collection, organization and dissemination of scientific and technological information in Greece and internationally. EKT’s strategic priority is the aggregation, organized online dissemination and preservation of quality-assured scholarly and educational content in a single research infrastructure. Its vision is “Access to Knowledge”. To this end, it implements Open Access policies in research, supports the transfer and dissemination of scientific knowledge, collaborates with research, education and cultural institutions for the aggregation, organization and dissemination of digital content and provides innovative services in scientific information.

As part of its scholarly content aggregation and dissemination activities, EKT provides reliable ePublishing services. EKT’s ePublishing services are directed to the public and extended public institution publishers of accredited scholarly journals. They include, most significantly, the organization, documentation and organized dissemination of metadata and content of scholarly journals, the training and consulting services on issues such as intellectual property, the standardization of editorial processes according to internationally accepted standards, the inclusion of content and metadata in international content indexers and harvesters via interoperable systems. Its integrated online ePublishing environment is developed with open-source interoperable technology.

As a result, the Mediterranean Marine Science has been integrated at EKT's ePublishing environment. At, users can search and navigate through the content of more than 1700 journal articles (currently), several ebooks and conference proceedings. The scientific content in EKT ePublishing is constantly enriched since EKT expands its network of co operations with editors and strategic partners in the academic and research realm.