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E- Publications in NISRT include an expanding list of Greek scientific journals in their digital version.The National Documentation Centre(EKT) is the electronic publisher of peer-reviewed and accredited scholarly journals, journals of established status and open access editions. E-publications are a result of EKT’s strategic partnerships with editors, institutions and cultural bodies of established status. EKT has also developed a fully integrated ePublishing environment based on open software, a digital platform which integrates peak technologies and applies international standards at all levels –data organization, preservation and services–.

The Gleaner

The online edition of the academic journal “Gleaner” edited by the Greek Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (OMED) publishes articles written by members of OMED. It also also welcomes original contributions on the subject of the Neohellenic Enlightenment and the history of culture and ideas in South-East Europe of the 18th century.

Vol 27

The Ηistorical Review/La Revue Historique

The Historical Review/La Revue Historique online edition publishes articles, book reviews and research carried out in the field of Neohellenic Studies. It is a peer-reviewed journal issued since 2004 and indexed at DOAJ and ISI.


Vol 8 (2011)


EKT’s ePublishing services include, most significantly, the organization, documentation and organized dissemination of metadata and content of scholarly journals, the training and consulting services on issues such as intellectual property, the standardization of editorial processes according to internationally accepted standards, the inclusion of content and metadata in international content indexers and harvesters via interoperable systems. E-publishing services are addressed to public institutions, editing bodies, and publishers of accredited scholarly journals as well as to the wider public and based on open source software aim to develop an integrated online ePublishing environment interoperable with international e-infrastructures.