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Κέντρο Τύπου

The National Documentation Centre presented in the current edition of "PanEuropean Networks: Science and Technology"


The current edition of the “PanEuropean Networks: Science and Technology”, a popular periodical among the academic, politic and scientific community of Europe, hosts a publication presenting the National Documentation Centre of Greece. Browsing through the edition, under the title “The National Documentation Centre of Greece: Dr. Sachini explores the institutions’ role in enabling access to knowledge and facilitating research and innovation”, readers can find a tribute to the National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT).

Having accumulated vast experience over many years, the team at Pan European Networks is devoted to promote the dialogue among the European Commission, the public and private sector, institutions and governmental agencies. Publications give the opportunity to some of the leading figures from across Europe to discuss current and future projects, policy change and problematic issues within science, technology, education, health, defense and wider governance.

The National Documentation Centre of Greece is among a small minority of Greek institutions represented in the journal. The publication highlights EKT’s role in enabling access to knowledge and facilitating research and innovation. It presents EKT’s activities based on three central pillars: providing open content services for the distribution of knowledge, developing innovative approaches towards a national research e-infrastructure, promoting strategic alliances and international collaboration. Detailed figures about the organization’s activity further support facts.

User oriented services for researh and innovation - Open digital content

Open Access to knowledge is highlighted as one of EKT’s core activities. The organization is presented as a strong supporter of open access as means of economic and social development. Open access digital repositories at EKT offer more than 4.500.000 pages of scientific information which are continuously enriched to cover all disciplines. As a result of strategic co operations with scientific editors and cultural institutions, EKT’s e-publishing environment is based on open source software, integrates emerging technologies and applies international standards of interoperability at all levels –data organization, preservation and services-. National services for library organization aim to modernize upgrade and build networks across libraries, museums and archives and provide their services to the country’s cultural and academic institutions.

Towards a national research e-infrastructure

Based on research documentation, expertise in human resources and robust technological solutions, EKT undertakes projects related with mapping research activity in Greece. Also since 1988, EKT acts a National contact point for European projects with an aim to promote development, research and innovation. In a networked global environment, EKT has been a strategic partner for the development of e science in Greece and abroad. Currently, the Centre explores the strategic integration of web 2.0 applications and software delivery models through Cloud (such as SaaS) which enable user generated content and services in research, culture and education.

Dr. Εvi Sachini, Head of the Department for Strategic Planning and Development, concludes the publication: “Greece has a rich heritage and a growing wealth of scientific and cultural output that should be documented and shared to empower citizens, educational institutions, research bodies and businesses. At EKT, we believe that there is a need for coordinated strategies to exploit the opportunities that effective management of public knowledge and digital content can create for societal progress and welfare. Today, we rely on technical expertise, long term vision and effective planning to respond to the needs of an increasingly challenging international environment”.