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For the first time, a repository collects the PhD theses carried out by Greek researchers. is a national database which aggregates Greek theses, a significant knowledge resource in all disciplines and fields of science and culture. The repository of the National Archive of PhD Theses includes theses from all Higher Educational Institutions in Greece as well as PhD theses completed by Greek scholars abroad. The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is the organization responsible for the collection, development and maintenance of the repository.

Today, in the National Archive of PhD theses visitors can discover more than 26.000 bibliographic records of PhD theses. More than 17.400 theses are available  to read in their full version. An ammount of 3.300.000 pages have been digitized. Users have the opportunity to browse through the theses' pages, read and print by page. Administration Services in Higher Institutions and authors themselves constantly feed the repository with new theses.

Since 1985, The National Documentation Center (EKT) is the statutory authority responsible for the creation and maintenance of the National Archive of PhD theses in Greece. EKT's Library for Science and Technology preserves an archive of 28.000 theses (in hard copies). Theses carried out in Greek Universities since 1985, comprise the greatest part of this archive. A small percentage 10% of the archived theses have been conducted in Universities abroad. Following EKT's initiative, there is also a collection of theses carried out in the period 1932 -1985 with historical value.

One can search through the database of e-theses using a variety of search criteria such as: title, keywords, scientific field, author, members of the examiners' commitee, insitution, submission date, country, language etc.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) is a partner for DART-Europe (, a partnership of research libraries and library consortia across Europe, which are working together to promote global access to European research theses in Europe. DART Europe encourages the creation and use of European e-thesis and maintains a single European portal of Electronic theses and dissertations, to improve the management, usability and preservation of Electronic Theses and Dissertations. The repository for Greek PhD theses feeds DART Europe and as a result, the Greek theses are searchable among 120.000 theses produced by the Institutions of Higher Education in Europe.