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Κέντρο Τύπου

"Modern Greek Visual Prosopography": a rare digital collection


The "Modern Greek Visual Prosopography" is a virtual collection of more than 12,000 digitized portraits of Greek men and women who have attained distinction in every sphere of life, from the fall of Constantinople (1453) to the present day. More than 12.000 portraits, wood-cuts, engravings, oil-paintings, lithographs, sketches and photographs of historic figures -with prominent role in Greek political and religious life, in poetry, literature and a variety of other domains of human activity-  are available in high resolution. For the items that the National Research Foundation does not hold the property rights, users  may request a copy by the property rights holder (e.g. a library, private institutions, museum etc.). 

Pandektis, the digital repository of the National Hellenic Research Foundation hosts the collection since 2006. The collection was digitized and further developed by the Institute for Neohellenic Research in the frame of the project "PANDEKTIS" (Information Society). The collection of the portraits began in 1961, beeing an initiative of K.Dimaras. Since 1978, the collection has been enriched (by the researcher Triantiafillos Sklabenitis) and by 1998 there were about 6.500 visual prosopographies collected. Today, the collection is continounsly enriched in terms of pictures quantity and metadata quality and aims to form a comprehensive body of resources for neohellenic studies. 

Project head: Triantaphyllos Sklavenitis. Project collaboratiors: Eleni Machaira, Ioanna Aimakopoulou, Nefeli Papoutsaki, Katerina Dede and Yiannis Karachristos. The transcription of the Greek characters to Latin characters was based on ELOT’s 743, version 2 Hellenic National Standard.