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The digital repository of the historical archive of the Aegean “Ergani” ( was recently launched, preserving more than 1.500 files that illustrate life in the last two centuries in the north-eastern Aegean. It was developed by the National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT) in cooperation with the historical Archive of the Aegean “Ergani”, a non-profit organisation founded in 2002 and based in Mytilene, the capital

of Lesvos.

“Ergani’s” rich archival collections include rare documents, photographs, amateur films from the 1930s, diaries, personal and business correspondence, ads, industrial designs, drawings and scientific reports. They vividly showcase daily life and the development of the olive oil industry on the island of Lesvos during those years of socio-economic and political change.

Historians, researchers, students, visitors to and residents of the NE Aegean and those interested in historical and ethnographic content can access documented archival records. The Repository offers dynamic search functions, registration and profile personalization and access to full metadata records and digital objects.

The archive is named “Ergani” after an internationally recognised and patented olive collection machine invented by Mitsas Kourtzis in 1924. The invention was innovative for its time and got recognition not only in Greece, but in other Mediterranean countries, where olive oil production is a core industry. It was presented in various international conferences and international journals of its...>>


One more digital repository providing reliable information regarding Open Technologies, both in Greece and internationally, was recently developed by the National Documentation Centre, in cooperation with the Greek Free/ Open Source Software Society (GFOSS). >>


The International Conference “Creativity: Innovative, Open and Economically Sustainable Models of Creative Production [1]”, organized by the National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF) on September 30 and October 1 2013, is... [1] >>

International Conference on Open Access

The Greek National Documentation Centre is organizing in Athens, in October 2013, the International Open Access Conference @ EKT- the third in a series of such international conferences organised since 2008. The conference provides a unique meeting point for specialists on... >>